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Urgent SB 494

Oregon Senate Bill 494 if passed would permit guardians of patients to withhold ordinary food and water from conscious patients with dementia or mental illness. If passed SB 494 would remove the statutory safeguards that currently prevent the representative of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease or mental illness from ordering facilities to withhold food and water from the patient even if the patient did not indicate this desire in an advance directive and shows a desire to eat. The bill is scheduled for a committee hearing and vote this Thursday. As Christians and pro-life people we need to voice our opposition to this bill. You can read a summary of the bill here.  Here is a link to the complete bill.  Here is a list of the Senate Judiciary Committee and their phone numbers.  Ask them to vote NO on SB 494.

  • Chair Sen. Floyd Prozanski: 503-986-1704
  • Vice-Chair Sen. Kim Thatcher: 503-986-1713
  • Sen. Michael Dembrow: 503-986-1723
  • Sen. Dennis Linthicum: 503-986-1728
  • Sen. James Manning: 503-986-1707


Cover Cuba with the Gospel

   A special opportunity to reach the people of Cuba with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The island nation of Cuba has been in the news recently with the death of long-time dictator Fidel Castro. You've seen pictures from that beautiful island. Perhaps you've noticed the old buildings and  the old cars. And the poverty both materially and spiritually. The commitment to an ideology without hope and without God. Missionary radio station Trans World Radio in Bonaire is increasing the power of its station to Cover Cuba with the gospel. Click here to learn more and give on line.

To give by mail, make your check payable to Trans World Radio, mark it Cover Cuba and send to Trans World Radio, 300 Gregson Dr., Cary, NC 27511 attention of Mr. John Summerville.

Some books you might enjoy reading. 

Towers to Eternity by Paul Freed, founder of TWR which tells the story of TWR.

God Doesn't Come In My Office by Alberto Gonzalez.  An autobiography of Pastor Gonzalez who was a seminary student in Cuba.  After the revolution he was assigned to a labor camp.  Because of their Christian beliefs the government determined Alberto and other Christians "unfit" and sentenced many to labor camps.  At 74 he is still pastoring and has a radio program on TWR.

Both of these books are available on

KNLR is now broadcasting in HD (Hybrid Digital).

If you have an HD radio, it will automatically tune to the HD-1 channel and you will hear KNLR in near CD quality.  This is especially noticeable in moving vehicles where you sometimes get static, pops and hiss.  HD table radios are available in some stores and on line.  For more information call us at 541-389-8873.

HD also gives us the ability to broadcast a second  channel.  KNLR HD-2 is Spanish.                        

La Luz Radio

 97.5 HD-2 & 106.1 FM

Spanish Christian music and Bible Teaching 24/7

La Luz means The Light.  Please let your Spanish speaking friends and neighbors know about this new ministry.   

   Click here for a flier.


Live on KNLX 104.9  Monday-Friday 11A to 1P


Support Pregnancy Resource Centers of Central Oregon.  


Child Evangelism Fellowship is passionate about sharing the Gospel to children via Good News Clubs.  Call your school for more information.


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